How you can get your website form Google 2nd page to 1st page ?

According to google survey near about 80 of internet users don’t move on 2nd , 3rd and 4th page on google search engine.
So if you want to grow your business or want more traffic on your website than you need to rank on Google 1st page.

Today this is the main problem which millions of website’s holders are facing now a days. They are unable to track their
website on google 1st page on their desire main Keyword.

Do you Know google shows only 10 results on first page form a particular Keyword although millions of other blogger are
fighting to rank on that.

Finally I just want to ask you a question that.

"What Should you do " to rank on Google 1st page.

you can submitt your answer and query below that will very appreciable for me.

Along side I recommend that ” DON’T GIVE UP ” Here is the solution guruskool can help you out there.

I am Shashank Goyal ( Digital Marketing Trainer @ guruskool) will recommend you some tips and tricks about this problem
which will help you to take advantage to rank on the first page on Google.

First of all take a white paper and write on that,

Why you want to take your website on google first page?

What your website do?

Who is your competitors?

Why people will take interest in your website or blog ( what is your strength)?

Ask these questions with yourself and always keep these point in your mind.

Now there are some tips you can do.

1). Check your domain authority and work on that (you can searh on gogle about that).

2). Make you head section (on-page ) relatively.

3). Your Content Should be unique and refresh. It Should be at least 1800 words.

4). Post some images with (alt text ) according to your product, service or blog etc,

5). Write great and more content more you write the more pages get indexed and the more traffic you will get.

In this post I try to help you to rank your page on google first page but these are not enough.
There are hundreds of more techniques are available which I can’t explain here you know that.

So if you want to ask any question about this post then please comment Below I’ll answer and if you really want to learn
the complete course then you can meet me on

lets have a meeting @ guruskool

I hope above techniques will help you, Best of luck for your future.


Shahank Goyal
(Digital Marketing Trainer)