Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Tips and Tricks :- You all know that Google became very intelligent and smart nowadays. Google detect your page, website and topic relevancy and shows the result
accordingly. So main question is that “Can you rank up your page
without using keyword in it?

Answer is YES. But it’s quite difficult to rank page without using the target keyword but it can happen, learn how.

If you don’t add your desire targeted keyword on your page don’t worry. Now you need to make your Title and url relevant to your targeted keyword to get better visibility on Search Engine.

I just show you an example:

If you put a keyword in your title like ” Digital Marketing Course 2019

“Digital marketing course” is your targeted keyword you need to rank. Now make your content in depth who is telling about digital marketing course but don’t use keyword in your content and make your url relevant the keyword like url:/ digital-marketing-course.

Second thing you can do that all the link building anchor link should have the keyword which you are not adding in your page. Try to get more backlinks from high authority websites.

According to one of the Google algorithm named Google’s hummingbird will help your page to rank up when a end user will search about “Digital
Marketing Course” or “Course of Digital marketing” etc.

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