What If Social Media Banned In India?


Have you ever think about this. How our Politicians will react how people will react about this situation.

if social media banned in india

First of all I represent a situation in front of you. I just want to ask you a simple question that what will your reaction if social media Like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc will banned in India?

  • Well this is a nice question today one of my student ask from me. So here is my opinion about this situation in two ways.

We all know that India is a country with politics. Now a days every politician getting famous with the help of Social Media platfroms. Millions of people are connected with them. They provide any update with one click.

So inshort “It is Not Possible“.

The condition we’re discussing is already applied by China. They are using WeChat and Weixin instead of WhatsApp, They are using RenRen instead of Facebook and weibo instead of Instagram. It looks like they are living in a suffocated atmosphere. I said that because It seems they are disconnected from the world.

If you wish to live in China or want to connect with their people then you’ve to use their aap, but the question is why you will join other social media when you have Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Etc?

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