What type of Content you need?

Should it be Educational


or Govermental etc

Around the world millions of people unable to understand that what type of content they need. Let me help them.

content is like water

Content is a water which should flow, in any direction, in any way as he wants. The time when you listen the word “Content” what comes in your mind. If you have a running business then E-Commerce content will be perfect or not? If you’re a teacher, faculty or something else then will a educational content be perfect? Or if you’re a politician then governmental content will work or not?

It doesn’t matter what you are. The main factor which will consider that’s only your interest. The interest in which you are master, in which you have strong knowledge and the topic you love.

Blogging that’s integrate Social Media is extremely effective but only when you have flawless knowledge on particular topic. Always remember there are thousands of people (Blogger) already have content on internet on your current topic.

So what will make you unique, why people will take interest in your content while thousands of content already exist. There is only one answer that will stand you alone in millions that’s you deep knowledge which you’re sharing with your audience.

Take a lightly survey on yourself and think about your interest. That’s the only way to understand that you have large number of other type of content that you can – and should add to your content marketing arena. When you’ve different types of content then you can connect different types of users which will help you win new leads.

Let me discuss some interesting facts of Content Marketing where you earn more users.


blogging institute in delhiBlogging :- Blogging is the best and easy way to grab attention of the audience. Blog post typically don’t take too long to write, you can write any blog easily and your users are happy to read and share them. Mainly we can say you can grab your audience in low cost. By blogging you can build a connection with your readers, by this your audience can make a conversation with you. It will help you get more traffic on your website for future.


longform content

Longform Content :- It is generally content having more than 2000 words. Longform content can convert your audience by 30 higher than shortform content. Longform content is free and great way to make you leader in search ranking.

In longform content you need to show a button like “Subscribe Us” doing so your users could get future update. In another way you can make your content in saprate chapter by their separate URL. Separate URL helps you to travel your users from one page to another which increase your website value.


ebboks guruskool

EBooks :-  EBooks also proves as very helpful to grab attention. EBooks can bother you for the first time you write them, but they’re great lead generator for a long time. EBooks also proves as lead magnets if evergreen. Although EBooks take more time and money to make, but you can make this process easy by outsource to a freelancer writer.


infographics example image

Info Graphics :- Info graphics  allow you to showcase more information in one image. You can make a interesting image by using graphics, charts, bullets and other visual representation. Your info graphics image can go viral and grab millions of users on your website.


video marketing

Video :- many people don’t considered video as a part of content marketing but it can be. According to google 60 to 70 users will use voice search and they will search their content through video in 2020. Currently 35 people love to watch video instead of reading and may be you are one of them. In compare of our readers 4x times users watch video about their search product. So we need to be add it in our Content Marketing.

If you wanna be a content marketing expert then you can easily learn it by Delhi’s #1 Digital marketing School which is GuruSkool.

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