Do you know why Google called Google ?

why google called google
why google called google?

Google launched in September 1998 founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, before that there were some other search engines who rocked the Internet. The first search engine created was Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage. But today Google is the most usable search engine in the world and Google also play a important role in your daily life(24*7) even if you are sleeping too.

Here is the Biggest question is still alive.

Where did Google gets its name, what does it mean and who chose the title?

The Google was picked by a misspelling of the word Googol, which means number 1 followed by 100s zero. It was intended to provide large quantities of information which is certainly accurate.

But story didn’t end here. Here is more crazy questions about Google you should know before die.

What was Google called before it was called Google?

I need your gentle answer below in comment box. Have you really think about it?

Ok, so the Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin called this project “BackRub” before Google. On 15 September 1997 they registered the domain and started to build this project and called Google.

Why is Google Different Colors?

why is google different colors

There are four colors in Google logo Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. While Blue, Red and Yellow are primary colors and Green is secondary color which indicates Google doesn’t follow rules.